WORX Scheduling

When you schedule the right people to work at the right times, the day moves smoothly and customers are taken care of. Smart scheduling tools help you manage your labor costs, improve communication, and save time.

Solution Overview

Schedule-building is complicated. You think you’ve considered all the factors, but when you publish the schedule, multiple people ask to trade shifts. Or someone reminds you that you approved time off for them that week.

Scheduling solutions take the pain out of building schedules and gives staff more control over their availability. Self-serve tools allow staff to request time off, schedule swaps and more, with notifications to management to review any changes. Bulk scheduling, customizable templates and automated schedule-building tools let you quickly create schedules using past and forecasted sales to ensure perfect coverage.

Features & Benefits

  • Matches schedules to previous and forecasted sales to ensure perfect coverage throughout the day

  • Simplifies time off tracking with requests made and approved in the system, eliminating the need for paper calendars

  • Automates workflow by allowing staff to swap shifts or bid on open shifts, with notifications sent to management for approval

  • Allows staff to view their schedules, set their availability, request time off and bid on open shifts from anywhere through the Self-service Employee Mobile App

  • Considers factors like availability, hours, and costs, using AutoScheduler™ to recommend the best staff for each shift

Technical Specs


  • Template option for rotating or recurring schedules
  • Ability to build shifts in bulk
  • Support for multi-department and multi-location scheduling
  • Adjustable target labor percentages and Sales Per Labor Hour (SPLH)
  • Synchronization of job codes, positions and employees with compatible POS/PMS
  • Integration with Attendance to enforce planned and required breaks



WORX brings scheduling, payroll, vacation requests and more into a single portal that easily integrates with your other systems.

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