Applicant Tracking
& Onboarding

Your people are your greatest asset. To secure these assets, you need to identify and track the best applicants for each job. Worx Applicant Tracking and Onboarding lets you customize workflows to ensure every applicant has a consistent experience. You can simplify and organize your hiring and onboarding process with at-a-glance dashboards.

Solution Overview

When you have the right people in the right jobs, your business is primed for success. But if your hiring process is disorganized or takes too long, you might miss out on great people. Our applicant tracking solutions keep your jobs and candidates organized with automated workflows, at-a-glance status updates and integrated candidate messaging.

Customize job titles and descriptions and set screening questions for each posting to help identify the most promising applicants. Rate and rank candidates within the program to facilitate discussions among decision makers and to keep the hiring process moving. Then seamlessly move new hires into the onboarding process.

Features & Benefits

Applicant Tracking

  • Allows tailored applicant tracking workflows to ensure all applicants for a job follow the same process
  • Lets you customize your job descriptions and titles to reflect your workplace
  • Streamlines the process for managers to request requisitions and HR to approve and post
  • Utilizes customizable screening questions to help identify the best candidates for each position
  • Sends automatic email updates to candidates to keep them informed throughout the process
  • Lets you embed job boards in your business website, so new postings are automatically made public
  • Integrates with Onboarding to get new hires into your system seamlessly 


  • Collects and verifies paperless documentation to simplify compliance
  • Guides new hires through completion of forms using an employee portal for faster, easier onboarding
  • Provides customizable onboarding plans to improve communication among departments
  • Includes a survey tool to collect data from new hires for internal process evaluation and improvement
  • Uses built-in confirmation process to prevent new hires from being scheduled or clocking in without completing appropriate forms
  • Integrates with Applicant Tracking to get new hires into your system seamlessly  

Technical Specs


Applicant Tracking
  • Customized job postings
  • Employee upload of pre-hire documents
  • Dashboard to manage workflow and status of applicants
  • Integration with other Worx Onboarding

  • Customized new hire forms
  • Automated notifications
  • Electronic employee storage
  • Dashboard to monitor status of new hires
  • Integration with other Worx Payroll



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