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Get the most out of your technology.  Train your team with TRUNO.


As your trusted technology partner, we want to provide opportunities for continued education and training for your team.  Our goal is to see you succeed utilizing the technology you have invested in, and address areas where improvement or additional follow-up training might be needed.  

The TRUNO Academy webinars are hosted in one-hour sessions over lunch to afford flexibility and minimal disruption to your day. Grab a brown bag, and sign up for one of our scheduled sessions below!

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ISS45 Balancing & Best Practices

October 16th, 10:00 CST


October 18th, 1:30 CST

Do you often wonder how funds are accounted for? ISS45 balancing & best practices will focus on the TRUNO recommended balancing procedures, for your ISS45 v8 system.  The webinar will cover areas surrounding store opening balancing including posting and adjusting the SRR (Store Reconciliation Report), mid-shift safe count, balancing cashiers, and store closing.  Throughout the webinar we will track the flow of money to see the way each step affects your audit trail.  We will also be covering some best practices for balancing your store as well, such as one person accountability, and best ways to audit all flows of funds.  

October 16th Registration

October 18th Registration

ISS45 Promotions

November 13th, 10:00 CST


November 15th, 1:30 CST

Do you have a great idea for a new promotion, but don’t know how to make it work with your ISS45 V8 system? This webinar will cover our most used promotions in ISS45. We will cover Enhanced promotions, Group promotions and Level promotions. We will explain the differences between them and the best use of each type. We will also cover coupon printing maintenance that will allow you to print a bounce back promotion to get the customers excited to come back to your store.

November 13th Registration

November 15th Registration

Menusys Editing

December 11th, 10:00 CST


December 13th, 1:30 CST

Have you ever wanted to add a button to your POS touch screen in ISS45 v8 system? This webinar will provide a walkthrough of all the different options that are available for these additions. We will add new buttons, edit existing buttons, add graphics to buttons and create linked buttons. We will also show you how to send those changes down to the lanes.

December 11th Registration

December 13th Registration