TimeForge Payroll

Payroll is more than a set of monthly transactions. It’s about correctly and promptly compensating your most valuable assets—your people. It’s also about ensuring your business is compliant with local, state and federal regulations. TimeForge Payroll can help put your mind at ease.

Solution Overview


Payroll is a function that impacts all areas of your business—employees, HR, business services and more. TimeForge Payroll streamlines communication between groups with software that integrates with other systems for secure transfer of sensitive information.

We make it easy for you to protect your business by ensuring compliance with state and federal tax laws, as well as changing ACA requirements. And our advanced reporting options make it easy to meet the requirements of regulatory filings, audits and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Lets you tailor tasks to your payroll cycle

  • Automates tasks, such as cutting checks or sending direct deposits, ensuring timely payments

  • Allows you to track and process Federal and State taxes for seamless compliance

  • Provides comprehensive reports to simplify regulatory filings, audit preparation, and more

  • Integrates with employee data from TimeForge Attendance or POS programs to streamline processes

  • Simplifies ACA compliance with up-to-date definitions and standards for peace of mind

Technical Specs


  • Employee portal for online pay stubs and W-2s
  • Automatic Full-Time Equivalent employee count



TimeForge brings scheduling, payroll, vacation requests and more into a single portal that easily integrates with your other systems.

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