eCommerce on the TruCommerce Platform

While reacting fast to online demand, it is vital to consider your operations in the process.  By leveraging TruCommerce alongside their eCommerce solution retailers are able to realize labor savings and efficiencies in order fulfillment.

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UV Clean High Touch Technology

Microorganisms like Coronaviruses can live 1-4 days on a touchscreen surface. Grocers need to implement solutions to protect employees and customers from pathogens on high touch technology surfaces, such as self-check out terminals, pinpads, and food kiosks.

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PinPad Cover Protection

Grocery store personnel are continuously spraying terminals in an effort to resolve the community spread of Covid-19. Pinpad covers offer a simple, safe solution to keeping your pin pads clean amid the pandemic.

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Self Checkout

With more than two-thirds of shoppers still heading in-store, self-checkout is providing key advantages in minimizing person-to-person contact.

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Two-Way Radios & Call Boxes

Two- Way wireless radios and call boxes empower your team to efficiently communicate, practice social distancing, and improve customer experience -- no matter where they are on the floor.

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Scan & Go Frictionless Shopping

Line-free mobile checkout is a cleaner and safer way to shop without the need for cashiers to handle customers’ items, and allows customers to practice social distancing by purchasing items without waiting in line.

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