Health & Safety 

When it comes to the meat market, product safety is a top concern. To fully comply with USDA regulations, grocery retailers must maintain active logs of all ground beef production. Our Fresh-Trax digital tracking solution simplifies compliance reporting and allows you to respond quickly during recalls.

Solution Overview

Fresh-Trax is a digital solution to the challenges of accurately capturing and cataloging meat grind production data in accordance with USDA regulations. Digital logs eliminate errors due to illegibility, as well as loss or physical damage to log books.

Using in-store handheld scanners, Fresh-Trax dynamically tracks source materials, case-pulls/conversions, and retail products. It simplifies USDA compliance reporting and lets you respond quickly to recalls and outbreaks.

Features & Benefits

  • Works with existing in-store scanners, simplifying both training and implementation

  • Matches source material with retail products, enabling compliance during one-off custom grind requests
  • Utilizes a fully-customizable backroom and sellable product information database, minimizing your data entry time
  • Leverages powerful reporting features to simplify compliance with USDA Recordkeeping Regulations
  • Provides reports on both headquarters and store levels, for information granularity at any level
  • Allows report access via computer, handhelds or print-outs, so it’s available whenever and wherever you need it
  • Provides sort and filter tools to quickly identify impacted retail products in the event of a recall or outbreak

 Technical Specs

  • Capture of GS1-128 Barcodes, retail UPC/PLUs and other source material identifiers
  • End-to-end traceability of retail products by PLU or UPC
  • Embedded vendor management data for identification of USDA Establishment Number via Plant ID/Establishment Number Association
  • Recording of all grinder/surface cleaning and sanitizing activities
  • Support for multiple popular handheld scanning devices



From security and loss prevention to fresh-item management, TRUNO has you covered. Our business intelligence solution can also give you the data you need to make informed decisions.

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