Using a Checklist to Streamline the Onboarding Process

Onboarding can be daunting for any organization. Keeping track of the dozens of documents that must be sent back and forth from the new-hire to human resources is a recipe for disaster. It’s often that key steps in the onboarding process are overlooked or incorrectly performed, prolonging the process unnecessarily. Digitization of onboarding and applicant tracking not only speeds the process up, but also provides a higher level of organization for all departments and new-hires involved.

Having a standardized checklist will eliminate the stress and common mistakes made during the onboarding process. HR Technologist reports that 42 percent of employees admitted to arriving to work on their first day to no basic equipment such as a computer or laptop. If you can forget providing basic equipment, imagine how easy it is to forget a document crucial to completing the onboarding process. I sat down with TRUNO's Human Resources Director to discuss her checklist and how she uses our TimeForge applicant tracking and onboarding software to ensure the digital onboarding process runs smoothly:


  • Offer letter created, sent, and received
  • Job description signed
  • Application completed, signed and filed
  • Authorizations for background check, driving record and drug screen signed and filed
  • Driving record, background check and drug screen ordered, received and reviewed
  • Personnel and medical file created

Orientation Paperwork

  • Employee personal information form
  • Direct deposit authorization
  • I-9 documentation
  • Federal tax withholding form
  • Employee handbook acknowledgement form
  • Entered in employee navigator


  • Entered in TimeForge and TimeForge Payroll
  • Email sent with login credentials
  • Direct deposit entered
  • W-4 entered

TimeForge enables collection and verification of paperless documentation to simplify compliance and organizes the hiring and onboarding process with at-a-glance dashboards. 


Because of the cyclical nature of hiring in the retail space, having a streamlined and organized onboarding checklist is crucial. According to SHRM’s Onboarding New Employees: Maximizing Success, half of all hourly workers leave new jobs within the first 120 days due to sloppy, informal onboarding processes. A digital onboarding and applicant tracking program will alleviate the pressures of the process and allow for more attention to be focused on welcoming the new-hire to the team.

A checklist like this might still seem a bit overwhelming, but that’s where digital labor management comes in. TRUNO TimeForge Onboarding makes it easy for everyone involved in the onboarding process to stay up to date with which forms and tasks the employee has completed. Customizable plans improve communication among departments who are constantly having to work through the hiring and onboarding process.


Managers in the restaurant business already juggle the many hats they might wear in one day—accountant, recruiter, host and marketing director to name a few. On top of that, the revolving door of new-hires brings a whole new worry to the table: compliance. stresses the need for an employee onboarding checklist to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines such as I-9 and Fair Labor Standards Act.

As Modern Restaurant Management points out, the restaurant industry is a prime target for I-9 audits due to the large amount of foreign-born workers and high turnover rate I mentioned previously. The best way to avoid fines and penalties is to maintain accurate paper work. With a digital workforce management program like TRUNO TimeForge Onboarding, managers and HR professionals in the retail and restaurant industry have the ability to collect and verify paperless documentation to simplify compliance and eliminate risk. 

The solution

TRUNO TimeForge labor management provides your business with the perfect digital checklist that is automatically updated as new-hires and applicants move their way through the onboarding process. TimeForge streamlines the onboarding process by: 

  • Automating workflows and building in rule sets to simplify compliance and tax withholdings
  • Eliminating repetitive data entry, saving time and avoiding human error
  • Including a survey tool to collect data from new hires for internal process evaluation and improvement

Looking for a solution to help you manage the intricacies of the onboarding and applicant tracking process? Let TimeForge establish an efficient and dependable process your whole team will appreciate.

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