TRUNO Employee Spotlight: Audrey Hogan

Employee Spotlight - Audrey

We are pretty proud of TeamTRUNO. From software programmers to administrators, support engineers to service technicians, TRUNO is comprised of a lot of talented folks working hard every day to bring leading innovation and reliable services to the retail marketplace.

Audrey Hogan has been a real asset to TeamTRUNO and the customer for almost 10 years. She has led many roles throughout the years and overseen numerous successful projects and product launches. Read Audrey's interview below to learn more about her role at TRUNO as TimeForge Product Manager.


What did you do before working at TRUNO?

I spent some time in the restaurant industry holding positions from host to manager, and in retail as a merchandiser, cashier, and store manager. I moved between industries and subsequently learned a lot about operations, policies, procedures, and hard work. I joined TimeForge in 2010 and played a role in various areas over the course of 6 years, then joined TeamTRUNO in 2016.

Tell us a little more about you.

I live in West Texas with my husband and our two young sons. In my spare time, I serve as Website Chair for both the Lubbock SHRM and Lubbock Master Gardener's Association and am a panelist for the National SHRM Special Expertise panel on Technology and HR Management. I also enjoy volunteering at the South Plains Food Bank and Women's Protective Services in Lubbock. On any given evening, I can be found at my oldest son's wrestling practice, getting my hands dirty in the garden, riding around on four-wheelers, or having a cocktail with friends.

As a product manager, much of your job is about understanding and solving problems for retailers. What trends are you seeing in grocery today?

Everything is going mobile, online, and automated. The technology has been around for a while, but we're finally at the point where any grocers who aren't optimizing online ordering, self-checkout, or mobile apps and labor tools for their employees are at risk for being left behind. Being behind translates into reduced sales and higher turnover. My job is to understand these trends and turn them into actionable features that benefit the businesses who use our TimeForge solution, whether it's improving mobile apps, reviewing SSCO data trends, or the impact of click-and-collect on the grocer's workforce.

What has been your most rewarding project?

This is a difficult question - mainly because I get the opportunity to learn something new and meet amazing individuals on every project. The first project that came to mind, however, was helping a healthcare group get control of their overtime. I felt like the work we were doing helped ensure the $1.5 million spent on overtime would be spent somewhere more deserving, like their outreach programs for the disabled and homeless.

The way technology can support retail business, especially in grocery, is evolving. What emerging technologies makes you most excited?

I get most passionate about the impact of data analysis in retail. The tools that are becoming available make "big data" available to small businesses. We provide some very valuable insight with our advanced sales forecasting engine, but there is so much more information we can start presenting to our customers and build into the software to anticipate needs before they arise. It's incredible the things we can learn from the data we track, often without even realizing it.

Since being on the National SHRM panel for HR and Technology Management, what have you learned that has influenced the projects you oversee today?

I've found that the challenges facing HR technology in grocery aren't unique to grocery, and the problems we help customers solve are the same problems every other company is overcoming right now. Every business, regardless of scale, needs to overcome the same hurdles in HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems), implementation, and realizing ROI. Being on this panel has also re-affirmed some of my beliefs in the prioritization of future innovations for our roadmap, and I'm confident when I speak to new customers about the power of utilizing professional services during implementation.

What do you enjoy most about working at TRUNO?

I love being challenged, and I love learning. I enjoy being pulled in to help solve new challenges as TRUNO grows and moves into new spaces. It's a great experience, and I always feel that my voice is heard, and my experience is valuable.

Lastly, what advice would you give someone starting in your field?

Don't do it, yet. Try to live and breathe as many roles in the product space outside of product management first. Sit on the support desk, be a project manager, and learn the basics of coding. Do installs, implementations, sales, and marketing. Learn the industry you'll be serving. It's best to fully comprehend your customers' needs if you have experienced them before. There is no substitute for context and empathy. Once you are in a role where you manage a product, make sure you continue to listen, because you will be the advocate for your customers' voices.

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