Four Payroll Considerations for Grocers in 2021

No doubt, the dynamics of this pandemic have been met head on by the grocery industry.  Operational changes occurred overnight... and continue into this new year.  Many grocers are now working with state officials to assist in distribution of the new covid vaccines to their communities.  

With 2020 under our belt, there are certainly lessons to be learned.  One aspect of business that likely has been turned upside down over the last 12 months is payroll processing.  Especially when considering the many operational challenges grocers are currently facing, investing the right resources in accurate and timely payroll is vital.  

We polled our team of experts on key Payroll Considerations for Grocers in 2021, and here's what they had to say: 

  1. Although 2021 COVID Pay is optional, all grocers should continue to take advantage of the tax credits to reduce their tax expense.
  2. Teaming up with a payroll partner, like Worx, will eliminate the burden of keeping up with the legislation changes and how they affect your grocery business in 2021
  3. As an industry that never slowed down or migrated to WFH, grocers that are hiring new employees should take advantage of WOTC credits.  The average WOTC Credit $128/Hire.
  4. Taking advantage of automated systems will ease the burden on the HR/Payroll department. A few areas that grocers could benefit from automation include:
    • Tracking applicants
    • Onboarding new employees
    • Reduce reprinting of check stubs or tax forms
    • Delivery of payroll documents via email or online access
    • Costly delivery fees for distribution to employees

At TRUNO, our Worx Payroll team is armed and ready with the right technology and expertise to help. 


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