Grocery Outlet
Palmyra, PA

Customer Case Study


Grocery Outlet in Palmyra, Pennsylvania, needed a way to improve customer service and store operations and reduce the time required to build staff schedules that correspond with sales trends. The store turned to TRUNO Retail Technology Solutions to implement TimeForge to accomplish these goals.

The first Grocery Outlet opened back in 1946 with one goal: to sell name-brand surplus groceries at rock-bottom prices. Today, with 300+ stores across the United States, Grocery Outlet is the nation’s largest extreme value retailer. While each Grocery Outlet store is independently owned and operated, those owners strive to deliver superior customer service personalized to the local communities they serve. They also have to balance this level of service with the goal of providing customers deeply discounted prices.

When Chad Reboin, owner/operator of the Palmyra Grocery Outlet store, found himself spending far too many hours building staff schedules and performing timekeeping tasks each week, he realized that time could be better spent creating a superior experience for both shoppers and store employees. Reboin needed a more efficient, reliable, and integrated staff scheduling solution for his store.


A week’s scheduling in only 30 minutes


Integration with sales forecast data


Electronic time-off requests and approvals


99.9% system availability/reliability


Building schedules and reviewing timesheets has always been a tedious, time-consuming process for management at the Palmyra Grocery Outlet location. Every week, Reboin would manually calculate sales forecasts based on trends and historical information, then figure out the coverage needed for each day of the following week. After sifting through time-off requests handwritten on a wall calendar, he started the weekly schedule from scratch, adding each employee’s time—one-by-one and for every shift. Then, after already consuming five to seven hours of his time, Reboin still had to make manual adjustments throughout the week. In addition, he says it was far too easy to over- or under-cover shifts or overlook an employee request. This resulted in dissatisfied customers and demotivated employees

“The solution we had before was complicated, hard to use, and wasn’t integrated with anything else, which meant everything took hours out of my day,” said Reboin.


To resolve these inefficiencies, TRUNO Retail Technology Solutions implemented its TimeForge suite of workforce management tools. TimeForge automated the store’s sales forecast reports, enabled electronic time-off requests and approvals, and templatized weekly schedules, reducing end-to-end scheduling down to only minutes per week. In addition, it provided a single, integrated portal from which Reboin could access all the TimeForge capabilities.

“We now save five or more hours every week, which allows us to be on the floor more, boosting customer satisfaction and sales, not to mention overall employee morale,” Reboin explained.

“With TimeForge, we’re definitely realizing the benefits and cost savings associated with being able to use our time more efficiently. We save five or more hours every week on the scheduling and sales forecast pieces alone. That extra time allows us to be on the floor more, boosting customer satisfaction and sales, not to mention overall employee morale—just because we’re out there supporting them face-to-face.”

-Chad Reboin, Owner/Operator of Grocery Outlet, Palmyra, PA


Palmyra Grocery Outlet’s TRUNO TimeForge implementation has been live for over a year now, and it is reaping the benefits of having an integrated, efficient scheduling and attendance tracking solution. Weekly schedules now take store management only minutes to create, and because they are based on actual sales trends—instead of time-consuming manual calculations—coverage is more accurate. Employees can now submit schedule and time-off requests electronically, which means faster approvals, fewer surprises, and higher staff morale. And the improved coverage and increased facetime with store management means a better experience for customers and higher customer satisfaction.

Reboin said, “I tell my fellow Grocery Outlet operators they should seriously consider TRUNO TimeForge, because it's made all our scheduling and employee time management so much more efficient.”

99.9% system availability/reliability

Weekly schedule tasks
down from 5+ hours to 15 minutes

250+ annual labor hours
saved in scheduling alone

Scheduling app availability
up from 50% to 100%

100% efficiency improvement
in time entry management


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