Anthony Presley

Chief Products Officer


Anthony Presley joined the leadership team in 2016, when TRUNO acquired TimeForge as its Human Capital Management solution. Anthony co-founded TimeForge in 2007, and before that, he had been managing numerous software projects for a variety of customers in the retail and hospitality business. The one problem they all had in common? They needed a better way to manage labor. TimeForge was the answer.

Anthony has been identifying the best technology solutions for retailers ever since. As Chief Products Officer of TRUNO, he leads the way for our strategic product roadmap, ensuring that our product portfolio features the most effective solutions for today’s retail trends. He’s passionate about maintaining the customer’s bottom line, while finding ways to make cutting-edge technology do the heavy lifting for them.

One of the ways Anthony manages to keep both a product team and a development team on the same page is by being results-oriented. 

When he’s not busy refining TRUNO’s product portfolio, Anthony enjoys attending his kids’ sports games or doing just about anything outdoors in the mountains. He has two dogs and a feisty blue and gold macaw named Dren. (That’s “nerd” spelled backward.)

Key words to live by:

  • Always ask "Why?" and "What is the goal?"